Looking for some feedback on my speaker installation. 2012 A5 with concert stereo w/nav. Non B&O
I upgraded all dash 3 dash speakers to 3 inch Dayton rs75
I used 10uf caps on the corners dash corner tweeters like oem. Link to info...

To the point: I wired driver side 10uf crosscap Jantzen to the + (positive) side of the speaker. It's rather large but still space below dash for it to fit. Higher quality crosscap for sure.
Problem: I went to passenger dash and due to space under moun had to use the small OEM 10uf capacitor on the Dayton speaker. I wired as it was wired to OEM using the - (negative) I was afraid to wire it differently from OEM order. Google seems to say it doesn't matter but it's not matching driver- side wiring order ..?

So, each corner dash speaker is wired differently. Sounds quality is so much better. No difference in sound left vs right.. No issues with heat on either capacitor after 30 min if high volume.
Any experts on this?