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    Opinions needed '11 A8

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    I might have an opportunity to get a 2011 Audi A8 Premium from a colleague at work. It will be a very good $$ deal, but I wonder if its just too much car for it to be worth it.

    Some context:

    Wife and I already own a 2013 Q5 3.0t, 2011 Subaru Legacy, 2017 Mustang GT and 2004 BMW 330 Cic (convertible)

    Both Mustang and 330 are summer toys, Legacy is my daily for winter and rainy summer, and Q5 is wife's daily and generally family hauler.

    If I were to buy the A8, I'd get rid of the Legacy and use the A8 as my daily and probably family hauler. But this car is not my focus, as my Mustang and BMW are more so, so I don't want to get into a car that requires high maintenance time/money just to drive to work. Legacy is reliable, but man is it boring :(

    I live in Canada. We are very happy with the Q5, and the wife loves Audis.

    A8 has around 95000 kms, and price would be below dealer auction value.

    Also, anyone have a realistic idea of what a 2011 A8 Premium, fully optioned would be valued at? I looked up Canadian Black Book and it had trade-in from $15k-$19k

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    Certainly every car is different but I just finally got rid of my 11 A8 that had a clean carfax and even checked out at a local shop prior to purchase. It is and was one hell of a great car for road trips and just as a daily driver. All the above said, if you get a bad one (like I did) also with higher mileage there are things to consider. Bushings will be going out if they havenít already. Because they are ďspecialĒ itís more cost effective to just get replacement arms for the front and the real. This is EXPENSIVE. Also due to all the tech I loved about the car, of any thing goes sideways itís also painstakingly expensive to fix. Keep in mind I STRONGLY dislike my local Audi dealership and thatís whatís driven me away from getting a 5th Audi in a row. But over the 2 years I owned it I probably sank 7-8 grand into it and finally got rid of it with some of the half dozen front control arms still needing replaced. I share all that because you mention reliability and wanting to keep maintenance costs down Iíd see what has/hasnít been done with the car and let that be your guide.
    All the above said itís one INCREDIBLE car and if I could own one under warranty I most definitely would again!

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