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    Audi Royalty | Slaying The Dragon 2019 | First Annual S6/S7/S8/RS7 National Event

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    Hello all! (if you don't want to read the novel, scroll down and click the links... Cheaters)

    I'm Kyle - one of the event organizers for the first ever national 4.0T event. We're extremely excited to be part of this and are looking forward to a fantastic time! I'd like to say thank you all for being part of such a great community - its been a blast and we will do everything we can to keep it that way!

    My ownership of both a Stage 3 S6 and a D4 S8 has been absolutely amazing so far! The community rocks, everyone is wonderful, the abilities of the vehicle are pretty sweet (except my land yacht prefers highways), and good god ALL of these cars are astounding.

    I've been lurking the forums for quite some time (over the last decade during my Audi ownership career) and on several facebook groups - over the last year, I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few members of the 4.0T community here in South Florida and even Chicago area.

    It has come time for me to play a more substantial role in my enthusiast experience - and after quite a bit of polling and discussions, we (I do have a co-coordinator, dubbed the Dark Knight), have decided to step up to the plate and begin something that is long over due. A national 4.0T specific shared owner experience. We've dubbed the event organization itself Audi Royalty and our first event is Slaying the Dragon 2019.

    To kick things off, for our first year, we've reserved 28 rooms in the famous Fontana Village Resort in South Carolina!

    I don't want to get into TOO much detail here, but I can say that it will be an "all facets" covered event - from relaxing with like minded people, to excitement while roaring down the Tail of The Dragon, and even the depression of leaving on the ride back home. We've got it all!

    This event is strictly for 4.0T vehicles - S6/S7/S8 and RS7 models. Why? Well, because we're Royal AF. Kinda kidding - but seriously, I think its fair to say that the majority of us here have a much different outlook on our ownership experience when it comes to modifying and enjoying our cars. I could go down a list of the the things we DON'T do, but it's probably more fair to say, we all love our cars, we actually drive them, we aren't scared to have a little fun, and goodness, its so hard not to look back when we're walking away from them.

    Currently, in our journey, we've gotten a lot accomplished to make this a reality! We do have some exciting sponsors on our list, but we're holding off to release them for now - one of which is absolutely phenomenal.

    May 24th, 25th, and 26th of 2019

    Fontana Village Resort, SC

    Facebook Event Page

    Facebook Event Organization Page

    Registration Page

    As fun as it would be to keep up with this page and list all of the cars that are attending and confirmed as registered - its a little more than I can possibly do! Once the spots are filled, there will be a full post with all of the registered vehicles!


    Q: If I don’t have an S6, S7, S8, or RS7, can I still attend?

    A: Our registrations are strictly for the models mentioned above. You are welcome to come spectate the show, however all events planned are exclusively for owners who have registered these vehicles or are confirmed owners. The entire day Saturday is geared around catering an exciting experience for all registered owners.

    Q: What is included with the ticket purchase?
    A: Lodging for two days at a beautiful resort, grand prize raffle ticket (Exhaust? Turbos? A 100HP sticker?), catered dinner, entry into car show, professional photography of your vehicle, and we’re working on providing as much as humanly possible.

    Q: Can I attend if I don’t purchase a ticket?
    A: We’re cruising on public roads for several hours and you’re welcome to swing by the resort and socialize! All of our included and sponsored goodies are based solely on registration sales.

    Q: Where is the money going?
    A: All proceeds are going directly into the experience. It is our mission to provide the best shared enthusiast experience possible. This will come in the form of meals, giveaways, merchandise, etc.

    Q: Who is sponsoring the event?
    A: Currently, we have two confirmed sponsors that everyone will LOVE. They are just as excited as we are. We will announce these sponsors in the coming weeks. There will be three main sponsors and a few other smaller sponsor positions. We have about 15 other interested companies for sponsorship as well. Stay tuned!

    Q: If I bring guests, do I need to pay for registration again?
    A: No. Registration is per car. We do ask that you purchase a meal ticket for each attending guest so we can make sure they have a seat at the dining portion(s) of the event!

    If you have any questions - please head right over to the Facebook Page and shoot us a message - we're pretty on top of watching the messages.

    Looking forward to meeting some of you - and the rest of you, stay tuned for the official video!

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    Damn, would have loved to attend this with my RS4, but I guess proper gearbox cars aren't allowed
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    Quote Originally Posted by b6bydesign04 View Post
    Damn, would have loved to attend this with my RS4, but I guess proper gearbox cars aren't allowed
    WTB: 2.7T-swapped B6 Ultrasport Avant 6-sp

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    I believe this should say North Carolina instead of South Carolina.

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