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Thread: Replacement Key

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    Replacement Key

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    I am really not sure which forum this should be in - but I guess this is as good as any. Is there any way to bet a better price than from a dealer on a replacement key? $500 just seems crazy to me. I bought my car pre-owned and it only came with one key. I did not think anything of it until my wife used the car yesterday and left before me this morning (very rare) with the key in her purse. Now I see this could be a problem in the future.

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    Sucks doesn't it.... My VW key cost $300 +$175 to program...

    While they replaced the key they told me I needed an alignment. Without a test drive or putting it on the rack. And I got an alignment and new tires two weeks ago. I do not need an alignment. Snakes....

    Never going back to the dealership again.

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    Unfortunately, youíre over a barrel a bit with replacement keys. The easiest and most stress-free option is simply to swallow it and pay the dealer. Donít buy one online.....itís a minefield and while it can be cut without too much stress, getting it programmed to the car is a PITA.

    There does seem to be a bit of discretion, when it comes to what the dealer charges. I got a new key for $150 and my dealership charged $175 for the programming.
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    I also just bought used, and it only came with one key (B8 Q5). I got a credit of $400 for it and figured that would be enough from a quick google search.

    But I just called around today to 6 dealerships and sure enough it isn't! (At least in my area.)

    Parts (transmitter + blade key) cost ranges from $350 to $450. Programming ranges from $170 to $265. Total cost from the various dealers ranges from $535 to $690!


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