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    Sleeve bag random height increase

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    Yesterday I come home from lowes, pull in backwards, and unload my stuff. As I was walking inside, I turned back around to just look at my wagon. I noticed that my car looked really slanted. The passenger rear was 1.5 inches higher than the driver rear at 105 psi. I proceeded to air out to 45 psi and 0 psi to take measurements and the passenger side was higher in all cases. I ran a calibration to see if that could fix anything but I was skeptical. Nothing changed so I started it back up and drove it into the garage. I aired all the way out again and measured at 0 psi, 45 psi, and 105 psi to see how much I needed to adjust to get things back level. Crazy thing is that all my measurements in the garage were dead even at every psi I tested. What could cause a sleeved bag to have such a drastic height increase intermittently?

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    Uneven pavement would be my guess

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