Hi guys,

In this video, I present a cool gadget from the guys at Buff Brite. It's their Flamethrower professional LED polishing light. I discovered it while I was at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and I promised my viewers I'd cover cool new gadgets and products that I saw there. I met with Tom, the owner and inventor of this patent pending polishing light and I like to see people finding solutions to common problems in the detailing industry. Tom has been detailing and polishing for almost 4 decades so he has quite the experience.

As we all know, lighting is very important during paint correction, and this light uses 6 cross-cut CRE LEDs to shine light on the surface while you're polishing. It attaches directly to any polisher you guys have and makes finding swirls and scratches a lot more easily especially if you don't have optimal lighting in your garage or detailing studio.

Check out the video here: