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    S tronic gear refuse to shift up?

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    Last night was trying to overtake a car, doing about 100 miles drop from 4th to 3rd gear, somehow my gear stay in 3rd gear just refuse to shift up

    So scary I end up change it back to auto, then it went back to normal, afterwards It shift normal again.

    Is it something wrong with the gear box or it. A just me shifting too soon the computer confused?

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    Do you have a tune on the box?

    I have the APR TCU tune on my S7 box, and there have been a few instances where the box hasnít shifted up as expected, usually under hard acceleration when exiting a junction. The management computer then rev limits the engine and cuts the power. Itís almost like the box has gone into full manual mode. I then manually shift down a gear and normal service is resumed.
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