Hey guys, new to this forum. Having a little trouble tracking down an answer. Search turns up all types of answers for sounds, but not quite like what I'm hearing.

Setup is 2014 S4 6MT
- Chipwerke Stage 1
- Injen intake
- Custom non-res DP to a custom magnaflow exhaust (mimics the AWE touring non-res).
- Mileage 110,XXX km

Typically car sounds tight, engine is smooth and quiet, exhaust is a little boarish between 1500-2500rpm as most know, and very trumpetty above that. Exhaust system mimics aftermarket downpipes with AWE touring and was replaced due to failing flexpipe on the DP section. Had it done by GT Customs in Pickering, ON. They did a great job - really clean welds, 3" pipe to 4" exhaust tips. Couldn't be happier.

I didn't notice before the exhaust or piggyback tune, but certainly afterwards, that the engine note and engine itself switches from trumpetty to practically Chevy pickup truck V6 rough (if that makes any sense). The times it does this is in visible moisture (rain, snow or fog), OR strangely going around a left hand sweeper between 90-110km/h (60mph) in 3rd, sometimes low 4th gear. Right hand sweepers, no problem. When it's dry out, and the note changes going around a left hand bend, it promptly corrects itself after a couple 100m.

I had the wheel bearings checked for wear a couple weeks ago during an inspection, not that that was my first thought, but wanted to take them off the list of possible options. Drivetrain was reported as being tight, and I have NO codes, nor any CELs.

One thing I failed to do was unplug the battery for the magical 24hr reset for the Chipwerke tune. I may do that next, but am unable to see how that would fix the strange change in engine sound when I am in a turn. It also does this on my stock set of rims, as well as my snow set. When asked to pinpoint where its coming from, I would say the roughness is center to passenger firewall. No rubbing on the tires is occurring and I am at stock ride height.

I want to make sure - while its still under warranty - that its not something quattro related, but because of the fickle nature of the noise, the shops aren't able to replicate it and are having difficulty distinguishing the noise in the videos I have taken.

On the 6MT's, is there a possibility that it could be SoundAktor. I have the base model, with no comfort or dynamic modes. Just straight up S4 that now boogeys thanks to the Chipwerke.

Anyone have any guesses or experience something similar with their S4s.

Thanks guys,

Drive safe.