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    2012 A4 B8 2L cold start metallic scraping or squeal along with P2294 & N276 codes

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    Hello, I gave an honest search through the forum and the interwebtrons for info particular to my issue so as not to replicate a thread that's been covered ad nauseum. I did not discover this particular metallic noise issue.

    As in the subject line, my A4 TFSI had begun to regularly exhibit an unusual, almost metallic scraping or squealing noise coming from the top rear of the engine near the HPFP around the plastic intake manifold. At first it would go away after a few seconds, then 30 seconds, then last for a coupla minutes or more. No CEL ever appeared. The car ran well, albeit, it would sometimes skip or miss very slightly at idle. Listening to it with a stethoscope pinpointed it in the region of the HPFP. Then one day under hard acceleration the CEL came on. A Carista scan revealed code P2294, Fuel Pressure Regulator Control Circuit 2.

    I immediately pulled the HPFP to check the cam follower. There were no obvious wear marks on it or the end of the intake camshaft lobe, just some minor buffing on the outer edge of the follower that would come from 100,000-plus engine miles. There was a minor oil leak at the o-ring so I whacked a new one on. For safety's sake I obtained a new follower with roller and found a new OEM HPFP, replaced them both, and cleared the code. When warm the noise had dissipated but not gone totally away when cold. The code will reappear regularly. The car runs fine, gets 30-plus highway mpg and will only occasionally stumble. I borrowed a mate's VagCom and immediately got code N276, after having replaced what seemed to be the faulty bit.

    4608 - Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276)
    P2294 00 (175) Open Circuit

    Here's an aside that is definitely related: when warm, with none of the aforementioned noise, I can disconnect the connector for the FPR on top of the HPFP, and immediately the scraping almost metallic noise reappears. Plugging the connector back in stops the noise straight away. The engine does not stumble as you'd think from the FPR being unplugged. Can low fuel pressure produce this squealing or scraping noise, in anyone's experience? Defective replacement HPFP?

    All potentially related systems are in good nick, though I've not yet replaced the fuel filter in the tank. The oil and filter are regularly replaced with Mobil 1 0W40, the air filter is clean, and the Bosch coils and NGK sparkies have less than 6K miles on them.

    Thanks for any illumination on the potential source or cause of the noise. I am ready to smoke a cone and do the chicken bone dance to fix this irritant.

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    I know you're not getting any hits on this post. I see you swapped the HPFP. But the sound seems more related to the FPRV. And in fact, RossTech says that code is either the valve or the wiring to the valve.
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