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    Always get a second opinion.

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    I am not bashing on Audi or this dealership, just sharing an experience that may help others in similar situations.

    I recently brought my ‘11 A4 in for a diagnosis for some routine maintenance. When I go to pick up my car, they tell me I have a bent wastegate actuator rod, causing me to lose boost, and need to replace my turbo; a 2K+ job. I had no CEL and those rods are made of solid stainless steel, which is very strong, so I was a little skeptical. However, I had noticed a slight juddering problem on acceleration and this dealership has been great to me in the past, so I was inclined to believe them. I decided to get a second opinion on the matter from another shop that I had taken my car to before, as I had no jack stands at the moment and couldn’t see for myself. They put my car on the lift and instantly could see that the rod was not bent in the slightest and even let me come look at it myself. After only about 15 minutes in the shop they tell me they found a service bulletin from back in 2015 from Audi saying that a bad maf sensor could cause the exact problems I’m having, without throwing any codes. Today I put in a new maf and ta-da, the problem completely disappeared. My car is smoother than ever and I have gained a little lost power back. I don’t know if the dealership misled me in order to make some money, or if they just misdiagnosed the problem in a major way (doubtful because of the service bulletin) but either way it doesn’t make me feel great about bringing my car to them. it sickens me to think some people may be unnecessarily getting major repairs such as a turbo replacement done because they trust their dealer. I love Audi dealerships and think they are the best in the business, but at the end of the day they are still dealerships. It never hurts to get a second opinion especially on expensive repairs.
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    I tend to be a trusting individual and I want to believe that everyone is honest and ethical but I hear too many stories like this about auto dealer (and independent shop) service departments that I am beginning to become a jaded old man. Even though I am busy I would probably go back to the dealership with this one and say “What the hell?” I would show them their quote and the repair order from the other shop, I would even take a photo of the actuator rod. I would ask for an explanation from the service department and then I would go to the dealership GM and make him aware of what happened. I would probably also send everything to AoA.

    I wonder if the service writer gets a year end bonus for business volume and he just needs a few thousand more dollars of sales to acheive his goal and receive a payout.

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    What I wouldn't trust is a 2011 A4. From what you mentioned, it may be that you have both a MAF and a turbo issue. I'd keep an eye on that wastegate......
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