There was maybe one serious report in the United States around 2012 and almost zero after, probably paid to shut up. According to their data many of the Audi models were moderately to severely toxic with numerous chemicals and compounds that cause cancer, birth defects, and numrous other issues. This wasn't a issue to audi alone as most companys besides honda used lots of flame retardant chemicals and PVC. Is their anything out their in Europe that my browsers can't find about the make up now. I will link two of the studys on the Audi A4 from 2006-12. It shows things got much better but I am curious to how good things are now. I don't want to sit on PVC syntheic leather all day and breath in crap. Thoughts?

I am sure we all know who controls search results these days its almost impossible to find data on car toxicity in the United States.