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    Brand New Event Alpine Vag Fair Helen Ga May 10-12 2019

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    We are excited to announce a brand new event, the weekend of May 11,2019. Alpine VAG Fair is a new event, unlike anything ever held in Helen, GA. An all-star team of experienced event promoters has teamed together, worked tirelessly and ultimately received approval to hold an experimental VAG event in Helen, GA. All eyes will be closely watching and making sure that what occurs as a result of the weekend is safe, family friendly, and clean. Due to previous issues, we are being given one chance to prove we can meet the cities expectations.

    An all-star team of promoters from Treffpunk South, Air2Water, Pre-Y2K, VAG Fair, and Euro Tripper have joined forces to host this event. Between us, the organizers have an extensive set of skills and experience to make sure this new event is a success. We will be bringing elements of all these great events into a unique new event, that compliments the uniquely gorgeous North Georgia region. Helen is such a beautiful, perfectly matched location for these cars and their owners. The team is incredibly excited to host something that can only exist in this ideal location.

    Zero Tolerance! If you are looking for a place to break the laws and rules, you most definitely should not attend this event. Violators will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. It will be expensive, inconvenient and uncomfortable for anyone who is breaking the rules.

    VAG only. No exceptions, this is a Volkswagen Audi Group event. All cars in the event will be preselected and will only be VAG makes. In addition, there will a number of sub events before and after the main event Saturday. These sub-events will also be only open to VAG make vehicles. This will be strictly enforced. We will also be utilizing a vehicle hang tag system to identify event participants. These hang tags will only be issued to screened applicants and only to VAG makes.

    We are tremendously excited to be given this opportunity. The City of Helen has been kind enough to allow us this opportunity to prove ourselves to them. We will be working tirelessly over the coming months to hold an amazing event. We look forward to seeing you in Helen, May 10-12, 2019.

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    yeah bro i dont think anyone here is driving to georgia
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