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    MMI Music from SD Card?

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    I have an SD card with about 5GB of music on it, that I figured I could load onto the MMI hard drive. When I put it in the SD card slot, and went through the MMI to import the music, it just sat there for about 5-10 minutes doing nothing, when I decided to cancel.

    Am I doing something wrong, or should it take forever with no indication of what it's doing? The tracks are within folders for the albums, which are within a folder called Music, inside of a folder called DCIM. Do I need to pull the album folder up to the root, or just start the import and wait a few hours? The MMI User manual is useless on this. It makes it look like I should immediately see a folder structure when I put the card in.
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    All the music on my SD cards are in folders in root directory. No subfolders to look for. I hate the limited importation space, so I just opted to leave it where it was.
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