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    Are the a3's good or do they have the same problems the a4's have

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    Are the a3's good, i am looking at an 09 a3 quattro and was curious if they had the oil consumption issues, timing tensioner issues that the a4's have. Thank you

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    The oil consumption on my 2012 A3 is about 3/4 liter per 6000km more or less.

    I had the tensioner replaced preventatively because I read horror stories about a3's and golf's with that engine. Not sure how common it is but I didn't want to take any chances.

    So far no real issues with the car aside from the carbon build up that had to be cleaned at 100k km.
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    I have a 2012 A3, same oil consumption as lafa3ro. I replaced the tensioner and water pump as preventative measures.
    No other issues. I also have a 2006 A3 which has required normal maintenance through 102,000 miles.
    Best of luck.


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