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    Getting my toilet ready for Stage 1+, Recommendations on things to beforehand?

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    So I'm getting ready to order a set of injectors and stage 1+ tune from Motoza. Just trying to figure out what I should do in regards to maint./preparation before that happens. Was hoping some of you could shine some wisdom. Currently my car has about 120k on the clock, with the long block having been replaced by Audi @50k some 8 years ago. In terms of maint. I've recently (in the last 3,000 miles) replaced the fuel filter, installed a test pipe, and thats about it. I did a t belt @ 105k when I got the car because I had no idea if it was ever done or not. All I was advised to do was go a step colder with NGK's which I plan on doing, but in regards to fuel economy and generally running better and not into any issues should I do anything else? I read on here that the 2.0T coil pack conversion allegedly increases the mpg a mile or two, but what exactly is the benefit of the wider spark gap they allow you to run?

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    Getting my toilet ready for Stage 1+, Recommendations on things to beforehand?

    I just bought some 07K 2.0t coilpacks off of fR3ZNO, but I am still on my stock tune. I just regapped my old copper plugs, they fell from where I set them at .32 to about .38/.39, instant engine tune up afterwards. But usually when you put on 2.0t coils on a 1.8t, the “dwell” time is different. The 2.0t requires a different dwell time that is programmed within the ECU than the 1.8t coils do, so when you contact motoza, tell them you are putting on 2.0t coils, they will adjust what’s necessary. If not I believe you have a chance of just failing a coil or two I believe. I am waiting until I go 1+ from motoza to install the 07K coils (although I really want to see the difference). As with the spark plugs, normally with the regular 1.8t coil pack you would close the gap to .28 from the stock .32 when you tune the ECU in order to get a better spark for the increased boost I believe. But with the 2.0t coils you are then able to gap it to .40 as the 2.0t coils are able to give more juice. The larger the gap (as long as the coil can keep up with it) will give a hotter spark, regardless of plug. So that’s why they recommend going to a cooler style of a Plug, I think NGK BK7E or something for a tune vs. the 6E. As of the “cooler vs hotter” question I am unsure.

    I am curious to see how your car changes, as I want to do the same thing with my car :)


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