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    Exclamation Volk Racing TE37 18x9.5 +38 (18.5lbs FORGED)

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    Up for sale are my Volk Racing TE37 Saga in Matte Black, they are the only set in the US with these specs and color. I waited 6 months for them to arrive from Japan. Perfect condition zero flaws, only selling to purchase another color in the same exact specs. They've been on the car for 2 days. They clear RS4 8 piston calipers so they'll likely clear any other BBK on the market.

    Fits B6/B7 Chassis perfectly flush without the need for spacers. Tires in the photos are Continental ExtremeContact DWS 265/35/18(Not included, will be using these for the next set of wheels), car is lowered 25" fender to ground. Zero rubbing, no fender work.

    I spent a lot of time measuring wheel well clearances to come to the conclusion that 18x9.5 +38 is ideal for a 265/35/18 tire, this is thee absolute best fitment for this chassis when going for an aggressive meaty tire look. I can pretty much 100% guarantee that I am the only one running these wheel/tire specs, while most people run a conservative 18x8 or 18x8.5 +40'ish offset. Unaware that this chassis can run wider specs successfully.

    Face 3 concavity
    Fully Forged (mold form forged with 10k tons of pressure)

    Many of you are likely not familiar with this brand of wheel or the quality of their craftsmanship, these are typically found on Japanese vehicles. The M3 guys seems to be quite fond of them as well. There are only 2 companies in the world that can manufacture wheels of this caliber, the first being BBS in Germany and the second being Rays Engineering in Japan. The reason I say this is because they are the only two companies in the world that own and utilize 10,000 ton presses when mold forging their wheels. Mold forging is the pinnacle of forged wheel technology, don't mistake these for some flow forged/flow formed marketing BS or companies that simply cnc mill their wheel designs from pre-forged blanks. These two processes are very different and yield much different strength properties. These wheels are second to none, save for the wheels that are employed by the likes of Koenigsegg and their full carbon fiber wheels.

    I paid $4087.67 in total after tax and shipping for 4 wheels and 4 center caps (wheels were $3394.00 and center caps were $262.20)

    $3000 Located in Los Angeles area for local pickup (buyer to pay all shipping and packaging material fees)

    The wheel in this image is the exact spec and concave

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    Bump more fitment pics added

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    In your list of spec it says 5x112 but the sticker on the wheels and box says 5x114.3 FYI
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