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    Opinion on buying this high mileage B6 S4

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    Gents I think its time I finally bought my first V8 S4, always wanted one! What do you think of this?

    The car has 130,000 miles and asking price is USD $6,000.

    From the seller:
    "The car is in excellent mechanical condition with the timing chains, actuators and guides replaced as of November 2017. The kit used was from ECS Tuning so it has the RS4 guides meaning it'll never have timing chain issues.
    All records are available for the buyer from the timing chain install to parts used. I have every record of every part installed on this vehicle.
    Recently replaced all 8 spark plugs, engine oil + filter, manual transmission fluid, differential fluid, intake manifold actuator, and two ignition coils.
    Car comes with brand new winter tires."

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Sounds like a good deal. That's a $5k to $10k service that was just performed

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    Without knowing other aspects of the car and its condition, seems like a great deal. Part of me is saying really, is it coming to this: selling a b6/7 S4 for the TC work value, but otherwise giving it away.

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    Doesn't always make financial sense unfortunately

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    Timing chains unfortunately are not the only components that lead to the demise of the S4 V8. It could be using oil due to scored cylinders. This is essentially a death sentence for these cars. I think it would be a good buy as long as you have someone boroscope the cylinders to see if there is any scoring!
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    Seems like a good deal!

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    Go for it!

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    ask for the paperwork of the engine work that was serviced. Also call the shop cause sometimes they will have notes in their jobs about conditions of cylinder walls when they inspect.. I purchased my car with 173k miles on it for $6k with $8200 worth of engine work done at 168k. I track the crap out of my car and everything is still a go at 197k
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    Check the oil and wipe off the engine before you take it for a good long test drive - drive it really hard, leaving it I a lower gear and keep the rpms in the 3-4K+ range. It'll chew up oil and flash all sorts of codes if there's any big problems, and if it squirts oil around the bay, the wipe down will show it. If it's still good, that's a solid price. Someone already mentioned scoping it

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