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    2000 a6 4.2 transmission problem!! help please!!!!!

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    hello there!! ok I Have a 2000 a6 4.2 with 123xxx I own the car for about 3 years, the car shift all gears fine, but this past monday when I went out and was parking and notice, that when I put the car in reverse the car doesn't move! feels like if the E brake was on, but if I hit the gas a bit the car moves but feels heavy like if the E brake its on, but if I put it on Drive then back to reverse it move's fine and smooth.......but what I notice is that it only happen when I start driving the car, but the car will be fine for the rest of the day, I check the car with a vag- com and it has no codes and no check engine light on, I would like to know if this had ever happened to any of you guys? and I also would like to know if the tranny is on its way out? witch I know this cars have bad transmission!! and the other part that SUCKS!! is that I have a guy buying the car this Tuesday coming up, but if I can't get it fix I guess I'm gonna have to keep it. I would appreciate the help.....chris FetLife
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    Where in canada are you? Im in maine like 4 hours from the border. Im parting out a 4.2
    if you want a trans ill sell you one for $100 usd

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    Thanks for this info!
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