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    034 catch can question

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    For those of you running the 034 catch can, are any of you letting it drain the water and crap out to the ground or are you running it back to the oil pan? Mine is running back to the pan now, but was worried about it freezing up in the winter causing issues. Is this a bad thing to do until warmer weather comes back north?

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    If you have it running back to the pan, you shouldn’t have any issues. Just make sure your hoses are routed so that they won’t freeze up. For reference, I just have mine plugged at the bottom and drain it when I feel necessary. No issues yet in below freezing temps.

    You’ll only have issues if the can itself is pretty much full and then freezes and expands (not really possible in your case), or if a hose freezes up and blocks everything. Not good.

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    I did some experiment.

    I routed the hose to a clear container, on winter time, and I got it full in 5 days. Not a lot of mileage, but cold/hot cycle (start stop) 6-8 times. around 150ml.
    And the water was pretty clear, a bit gold, but I was impressed that it wasn't full of oil !

    Getting condensation water in back in the oil, shouldn't be that dramatic, but surely not recommended. it will recirculate all the time, and not getting ''burned '' back in the intake just like the PCV will do.
    A lot of water + oil , I believe it will freeze.

    At the end :

    - winter : it drip to the ground ( inb4 pollution : the quantity is so minimal, having a WOT times to times would be worst)
    - summer : tywrap a plastic container and empty it when its full ( in my case, not much in it , I can do a lot of mileage)

    Important note : The original 034 bracket make the silicone hoses go up, down then up. P-trap makes the water in it freeze, I had a massive oil burning when my lines were at the original position. Please, get the CC lower in a way the silicone lines are going down only!

    water during the 5 days , around -10°C

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