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    Question Thermostat Failure

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    My 2006 A6 Avant 3.2 coded P2181 (Coolant Performance Issue) and has been running a bit cool. I got it in to a friend's shop and we did some diagnostics, eventually determining that the engine is running at about 167 F rather than the regular 192 F. I'm also experiencing reduced fuel economy and a noisy start up. The diagnosis I've received is that I have a faulty thermostat. (Thermostat stuck open... much better than it being stuck closed!)

    This upcoming weekend I intend to replace the thermostat at my friend's shop with him. We have a solid idea of how the job needs to be done - I work on my car frequently, and he used to be a mechanic before getting into machining. However, we're both always happy for extra advice and information. If anyone could provide pointers or even better a direct a guide for this job, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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