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    C5 A6 driver door wont latch when its cold

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    I had this problem last year it would get really cold and my door would be hard to open and Id open it and try and close it but it just hits the latch it doesnt close... so now Im stuck at work because my door wont close. Anyone have this problem and have a fix for it? Replace the latch?

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    Short term solution is to take the key or a screw driver and work that latch back and forth until it's operating freely. But there will still be moisture in there so you need to heat it to melt the frozen moisture, dry it out (heat gun should do both at the same time) and then apply some sort of spray grease to prevent water from getting into the mechanism. That's an actual lube that sprays and leaves behind the grease not something like wd40.

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    I've had, and sometimes still have this problem.

    I removed the locking mechanism, cleaned it all up, and dried it, then applied some litium grease. That worked for two whole years. Then the problem came back, not everytime it's freezing but sometimes. So now I have a gas heat gun in the trunk, and I blow hot air right above the locking mechanism on the rear of the car.
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