Not sure if this is the proper location but here goes. I have been in the market for a fun, daily driving, luxury sports car and fell in love with the S5 the second I found out that it came in a V8. In my area you can find one in these years with relatively low mileage, 40-80k, for in and around $25,000 or lower. This fits my current budget and I am more than excited to get one and begin adding, exhaust, coil overs, wheels, the whole nine yards. Here lies the issue, no matter where I go no one can give me a straight answer about these cars. Some say its one of the best V8 GT cars you can own, others say you're an idiot for trying to own an Audi outside its warranty. Are the bills for the common big repairs as scary as people say and should it be enough to turn away a potential new Audi fan? Or is this all just a bunch of German car hate blown way out of proportion? Just looking from advice from real owners who can help guide me before I make a purchase I will regret in a year or two. Thanks a lot guys hope to hear back soon.