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    Noob Modder Inbound: How to improve the exhaust sound.

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    Hey everyone!
    I'm 18 years old and I've saved up for this car over the past 3 years and then my dad offered to split it 50-50 with me, so here is a picture of my brand new S5:

    I'm very excited to be driving such an amazing car and I need to make it more original. Obviously I have many mods in mind but my first has to be the exhaust. The exhaust on this car is too quiet!! I've had my fun with the stock exhaust but I want more noise!! I need my pops, my crackles, my brrrraps. I'm sick of these kids with their 09 Mazda 3s having a louder entrance than I do (granted they removed every pipe under their car which is definitely not what I wanna do). I've been snooping around multiple forums for the past few days and what seemed to be common is people are deleting the center resonator and unplugging the valves. I like being able to pop it into comfort mode for stealth so my first question is where are the controls for the valves and will deleting the resonator affect this?

    Nonetheless, I am determined to remove the resonator so today I went to my local exhaust shop and the guy (who was extremely kind and helpful to me) suggested the resonator delete before I could even tell him that's what I wanted. What threw me off though is he said he'd replace it with a "y-adapter" which I assume is a y-shaped pipe. I've seen on many threads that people are replacing the resonator with x-pipes to eliminate droning so my second question is what's the difference between a y-pipe and an x-pipe? Is a y-pipe the same thing as a straight pipe?

    I was also told it would cost $310 Canadian and since I'm new to this I'm not sure if that's a fair price or not. I also specified to the owner of the shop I wanted to keep the mufflers on because cops hate me for some reason. I've been pulled over once a week for absolutely no reason other than "I thought you were speeding". So legality in mind, I'm open to any and all suggestions (not just exhaust but other mods as well). I also plan on doing some serious mods after the lease is over but until then, it's whatever gets the job done.

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    Welcome and congrats.

    Earning enough money at your age to be able even split costs is an accomplishment. Be warned, you may get some heat from people hear but keep head high and donít lash out. My $0.02.

    As for bang for the buck, removing the center resonator will definitely help out in the sound department. The valves are located at the mufflers/rear resonators and you want to keep them as it will definitely attract more attention from the five-o.

    After that, enjoy it for a while as is.
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    Exactly what I was thinking, I appreciate your 2 cents :D

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    A few thoughts from my side:

    If you unplug the valves, they will always be open (assuming you unplugged while the car was off and they were already open). Therefore, the comfort mode setting would no longer effect volume.

    Personally, Iíve never been a huge fan of chopping up the stock exhaust. Iíve done it before (not with an Audi) and always ended up buying an aftermarket exhaust. But, this is my opinion.

    As for aftermarket exhausts, I do prefer AWE (had one on my B8.5 S4 and will have one on the RS5 once they are available). That said, Armytrix has a valved exhaust that allows you to adjust the sound from stock to loud - this could address your preference for a stealth mode. Not sure on pricing, I inquired about pricing for my RS5 and never heard back from them, so decided to go AWE based on the (albeit limited) clips posted on here.

    What other mods are you considering?

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    It is worth noting if you unplug the exhaust valves there will be engine fault codes stored. These are soft codes meaning there will not be an active check engine light, but they are still there. If the B9 S5 / S4 is like the current RS3, then the cars will actually lose some power with these faults stored, too.

    I'd have a hard time cutting up an exhaust on a $60-70k car. We have a Milltek turbo-back system on our S4 wagon, its the non resonated version. This retains the valve function of the exhaust, it uses the factory valve motors, and is still controlled via your Drive Select function. Its on the louder side but sounds awesome! If you are unsure about noise, then you can leave the catalyst alone and start with a cat-back exhaust system.

    Congratulations on the car, and enjoy it!

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