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    Serpentine belt!!

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    I have a a 2001 Audi TT 225hp 20 valve L4 6speed manual quattro, that after 3000k keeps throwing off the serp belt.All pulleys are good and i noticed the belt on the crankshaft pulley for the alternator seems off the grooves by an 1/8"... Before I buy an OEM alternator which is horribly expensive, I bought a Napa one and everything seemed perfectly matched up but it doesn't seem to fit right... Do I need to buy an oem, and why is the belt on the pulley for the alternator crankshaft off buying eighth of an inch?.... Anyone who can help or give me insight because I put the belt on and I'm driving it knowing it will fall off again not a mechanic and I need my car up and running right... PLEASE HELP.
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    if your pulleys don't line up you will throw the belt...
    you have either installed your new part incorrectly or purchased the wrong part



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