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    Newb in need of help...!!!!!

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    I recently picked up a automatic 1999 a6 Quattro 2.8 with a "bad transmission". Reverse works great, but when in any forward gear the car will creep forward about a foot when giving it gas then won't move any further.

    Jacked the car up and put it in drive and only the rear wheels spun and then I gave it gas and all four were rotating. (If that matters)

    All gears on the dash light up individually when selected.

    When I opened up the fill hole on the transmisson about a liter of transmission fluid came out of the fill hole. (Car was level) no metal shavings or chunks were present. The transmission fluid that came out was dark red?

    when I try to scan the car with a obd2 scanner it says "waiting for vehicle to respond and then times out?

    Also sometimes when I start the car it will die right away unless I give it gas?

    Oh and the brake light is flashing and the abs light is on.

    Sorry I do not know too much about cars. All or any help is appreciated.
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    While I do not know what the problem is, I just wanted to chime in and say I'm right there with you. Mine is a 2013 but has the same issues Will be interested in what you come up with. All I do know is that i took it to Audi. Mistake. They said new trans for $14K. Funny. Took it to transmission shop. They said not transmission but it must be electrical failing somewhere making the computer system think its transmission. My car CREEPS inches if I rev it high enough. Transmission shop also told me the same about car wouldn't communicate with scanning. My brake light was on as well but that's gone now. I'll let you know if I come up with any answers!

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    Hi group. You issue is very simple..

    The DRUM has lost its seal or blown the A drum out.. very, very common issue.

    Solution,, there really are only two,

    The best one is to have the issue repaired. This requires the removal of the transmission, then dissembled and either the damaged items replaced.. or a full rebuild. Of course the ladder is more expensive.

    Option 2: find a low mileage transmission then swap it out.

    The down side of option 2 is .. the problem will return again at some point.

    The A drum ( the part that moves the car ) has either broke.. most common issue, or has the seal has broke.. in MOST cases itís a combination of both.. if your lucky., itís just the seal..

    Final point: a good transmission repair place wonít want to remove the transmission and do a band-Aid repair.. ie just fix the broken part. Itís a huge job removing the trans., plus the could never warranty the repair. The best approach is the have the clutches replaced, the A drum updated with the new version. Then you will have a transmission that will last a great deal of time.. easily 200k.
    These are great transmission after the update has been done.

    Nothing is cheap. My personal recommendation is rebuilding. It will be a solid choice.. not cheep. But doing a job once correctly., is cheaper than doing it twice..

    Just food for thought, hope this helps.,


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