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    Hood latch does not work

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    I took out and put back in the air intake plastic piece that is in the front of the car where air initially goes in. In doing so, i moved the hood latch cable. When I put it back together and closed the hood the hood latch cable didn't work any more. I am assuming the cable got moved in a way resulting in it not working. Now I can't open the hood. Does anyone know how to open the hood when the latch is not working?

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    I'm not sure how it's done on the A6s... but on BMWs when one of the hood release cables break, the easiest way to open the hood is to remove the driver side fender liner, then reach for the cable and hope that the end you can reach is good. If so, cut it (or pull it down if you caught it at the break), and you want to get some pliers and pull on the inner steel cable (not the full thing because the outer part is just a protective sleeve for the steel cable that moves within it when you pull on the lever inside the cabin). Obviously, you'll have to replace this section of cable afterwards since it's either already broken or you just cut a section you could reach...

    I ASSume it would be a similar procedure for the A6. But it really depends on if the cable is accessible from the driver side inner fender.
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