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Thread: Buyers beware

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    Buyers beware

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    Do not buying anything from FUNKYPTERODACTY. He had a for sale ad for a pair of Audi b7 bi xenon AFS headlights. I need new ones for my RS4 B7. I asked him if they were AFS and leak free, he stayed they were and in good condition with no problems at all. So I purchased them from him but I should’ve known something was fishy when he asked for payment through PayPal via friends and family transaction instead of good and services. Smh once I got the headlights and installed on my car I found out they were not AFS checked with VAGCOM and they leaked water into them. I paid $550 for a working pair and didn’t get what he stated in his ad. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM, I have tried to make contact with him via email and through this form and have yet to hear background. I have filed a complaint against him with Paypal. FYI I’ve noticed that he has a lot of things for sale so be careful.

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    Not sure what you mean, they are AFS. Check the part numbers, if you open up the HID bulb compartment you can clearly see the motor inside to the bottom right. My apologies for the condensation you are seeing, I had the headlights on a car that rarely gets driven let alone in the rain which is never. I never had to check for any leaks, I'm sure a small dab of silicon along the edge will fix that right up


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