Car is a 2000 S4. I am currently in a process of swapping all of my parts from my totaled S4 into a replacement and since I have the time I have been trying to make every install as clean as possible. I have just finished tapping into my Bose amp for my aftermarket subs and hardwiring my bluetooth module from the telematics DB25 connector in the trunk. I am pulling power for the bluetooth directly from that connector where I previously had run separate power lines from the junctions under the dash or tapped into the fuse box.

I am just curious if anyone knows whether I can safely tap into the +12v and ground from either the stock amp or from the telematics module to additionally power my XM module so that I can have a cleaner install as opposed to running cables from the front? I would still include an inline fuse but it would minimize how many cables I have to run under the door sill.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!