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    Issues with purchase of CPO 2018 Q3 Quattro S-line w/sport package

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    On October 13 my mother (a 68 yr old lady) purchased a 2018 Q3 Quattro S-line w/sport package CPO with approx. 9,000mi. I spent a lot of time with her helping her find cars to test drive and guiding her through all the new features and options that are available, and helping her through the process as this was the first car she personally bought since her very first car in the late 1960's. Needless to say, this was a big deal for her and she was excited to have a new car.

    This car was owned by Audi of Bellevue in Bellevue WA and sold through Audi of Spokane (AutoNation). On the drive home she began to notice a haze on the windshield and as she drove the car over the next couple of days became more aware of the situation under different lighting conditions. She took the car back to Audi Spokane and asked them to look at it and see if maybe it was just gunk from being transported. A SALESMAN (CAPS intended) cleaned the car and kind of brushed it off as being normal and her being too picky. After being pushed, they offered to replace the windshield if she really wanted them to. Thinking that maybe it was in her head she took it home again. On the drive, she again noticed how pronounced this haze was so began investigating. the exterior of the windshield felt rough as did all the side windows and body panels. Thinking it was maybe just hard water spotting we took the car to a detailer.

    While cleaning the car, the detailer noticed the entire rear bumper was covered in fish eye and orange peel. He very quickly deduced that the roughness was clearcoat overspray from when the bumper had been painted. upon further checking, he found painters tape stuck to one of the mounting bolts for the bumper, clearly indicating that the car had been painted.

    Audi of Spokane had denied any knowlege of anything when she talked to them about the haze and pretended like my mother was just being a nitpicky crazy person. They did not inform her there had been any body work or repair done to this vehicle and presented it as if it was perfect just like it was off the showroom floor.

    We ran the vehicle history report and it fails to list any repairs performed to the vehicle either.

    This vehicle was clearly misrepresented and has a value lower than what it was being advertised/sold for. This reduced value will be felt when she goes to sell the car and they buyer notices the fisheyed bumper. With this repair, the car is clearly not worth what she had to pay for it, and all the associated stress and rigmarole to get this fixed has wasted a lot of her time, in addition to the cost of paying a detailer to clean a BRAND NEW CAR!

    The dealer was dishonest to her at all steps of the process. It was being transferred from Bellevue to Spokane but the car was never put on the truck and when she asked she was never told why. After several weeks of being given the run-around, the salesman finally went and picked it up personally.

    Our family has owned 12 Audi's since 1990 (not counting extended family). My mom was thrilled to have this car but this has left a bad taste in everyones mouth. This is not the purchase and ownership experience I believe Audi wants it's customer's to have. And I also believe Audi USA would want to know about the ways its dealers are treating customers.

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    Dealer should be on the hook for replacing/repainting the bumper and the proper detailing of the car. Pre purchase vehcilce inspections are essential. Bumpers arent a big deal. Shouldnt affect value if properly fixed.
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