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    B8.5 S4 Awe Touring exhaust with stock DPs

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    So I recently pulled the trigger on the Awe Touring exhaust!

    I chose to keep my stock down pipes as I only have 30k miles and I liked the sound compared to resonated from Awe on the videos I tirelessly watched before deciding on my purchase. Lol. I have to say that I absolutely love the sound. It has a nice little burble on idle and gets really crisp tone and growl on acceleration and WOT. Itís pretty expensive at $1500 but my car now sounds the way I expect a tuned German sports car should sound.

    Iíve seen a lot of threads about drone and potential for issues with the stock flex section of the DP. But most are for specific issues for systems added to cars with higher miles, etc. Outside of the weedwacker tone from damaged flex pipes and rattling from clearance issues on some installs, I am curious about feedback from those that have had this setup for a few years.

    Should I add absorbers/dampeners now to avoid future issues? Are there any problems I can expect with this exhaust? Any pros or cons to keeping the stock DPs vs getting the Awe resonated option for another $800. Iíve noticed in just the week Iíve had this setup that sometimes it gets pretty loud but other times it seems to stay a bit quieter. I donít think I have any leaks. I understand that there is likely a break in period. Has anyone had the same experience?

    I know this thread may be a bit of overlap to others but Iím looking for some fresh overall impressions. Iím loving my Awe Touring so far.
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    Running the same setup no issues so far with 10K miles since i had the car. The only really noticeable change in sound is when I am Dynamic mode, cold start, or when I punch it. Its quiet enough for the wife to fall asleep when driving on I95 at :fun: speeds.
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