The holidays are right around the corner, take advantage our Month-Long Black Friday Sale!

There will be a new sale every weekend on different JHM products. This weekends’ sale, enjoy 15% OFF ALL JHM Trans/Drivetrain products!

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The Chrome-Molly Forging allows fewer opportunities for failure and promotes uniform, efficient heat transfer from the clutch disc. This is to prevent warped friction inserts or loose ring gears. It is strategically lightened, stronger, safer and has better thermal capacity than OE cast flywheels. With smooth operation at all RPMs, these flywheels meet the needs of both the enthusiast and the hardcore racer.


• Chatter Free
• Easier engagement from a stop compared to aluminum
• Improved Engagement and momentum when Launching
• One-piece Chromium Molybdenum forging is stronger and more durable than billet steel, aluminum or cast iron.
• Tough, precision-made and dynamically balance
• Lighter and stronger than stock flywheels
• Integral ring gear is induction-hardened for maximum gear life
• Material is properly distributed for strength, greatest heat dissipation and reduced inertia
• CAD-designed, CNC-machined and computer balanced for quality and precision
• Improved throttle response and acceleration
• Smooth operation at all RPM’s
• Optimal mass distribution
• Lead-in chamfers
• Heat treated and tempered
• SFI Spec. 1.1 Certified Design

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