Hey guys,

Since I received some good responses to the other thread I posted in, I thought I would make one separate for anyone looking. So I am new to the forum (not sure if this has been posted before) but just thought I would help out anyone else here who is looking to get some unique logos/badges/emblems for their ride's.

I picked up my 2018 RS3 in July this summer and for the longest time I wanted to get the blacked out emblems but didn't want to get some cheap/crappy looking pieces off ebay or some scam sites (in Canada we are not given the option for the blacked out emblems nor is it easy to find a quality RS3 badge in black)

Anyways to sum it up, after lots and lots of research I came across a company located in Germany called Blacklabelz (https://www.facebook.com/BLACKLABELZ.MUC/ ) He uses OEM pieces as he has a setup with Audi and everything is legit (RS, TT, A3, S3, etc, all badges are OEM). Again as i said in a previous forum, I am not being paid for promoting or posting about his page, my pieces were purchased months ago so no incentive for me to do this except to help people find some quality pieces for their car seeing as there is a lot of crap out there.

Send him a message and tell him you spoke to Nicco on audizine, he's a great help and very responsive to questions you guys may have (check the page out for his work)