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    TDI Oil Consumption

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    So I ran a 13' VW Golf TDI that I traded in during the buy back that I never really had to ever top up the oil between regular changes.

    I bought a 2015 A3 TDI and now I'm having to add a litre every 5k kms.

    Is this normal? seems crazy since its the same motor. Not sure if I have leak or something...

    They dealer also has me doing changes every 15k kms. I thought I remember my VW being around 8k but could be wrong.

    Help is appreciated!
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    I've had mine ('15 A3 also) since 17k miles, now at 33k. Never had to add oil between oil changes, but I've also been changing oil at 6,500 miles.

    I believe the engine is new for the 2015. But that doesn't explain why yours is needing oil and mine isn't.

    I'd look around for leaks, take off the belly pan and take a look around. Could also be something to do with the PCV system, maybe a check valve pressureizing the crankcase under boost?


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