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    DSG Mechatronic issues

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    Welp it finally happened, "no reverse light" and TPMS and you lose 2,4,6 gears also, Dealer says itís the whole Mechtronics, all after I kept up with lube changes and such but itís a 2011 S5 3.0 tfsi with 97,000 miles kinda disappointed that even following what services are needed it still through no warning just bam!! $4,500 to replace unit. Now just a waiting game.
    Yes, The vehicle is out of warranty, just very disappointed in the quality of an item that, when properly maintained should last the life of the vehicle.

    Update: Just got off the phone with Audi USA, and it doesn't sound good, as far as getting any help with what I believe is a faulty unit. I have owned several Audi's and have never had a transmission give up, That includes a 2007 A6 , Traded it in at 140,000 miles still running strong, and had no transmission issues, had an A4 before that, 130,000 miles no issues ever with the transmission.
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    Hello Wemheuer,

    I'm very sorry to learn about these troubles with your S5 and the mechatronic unit. Are you able to provide me with some more information? At the very least I would like to ensure that all resources are engaged and that an exhaustive review is performed. If you can PM me your full contact info (name/email/phone) as well as your VIN, and all the information you have from your diagnosis I would greatly appreciate it. I cannot guarantee we can provide assistance towards the repair, but I would like to perform our due diligence.

    Thank you,
    Vincenzo F.

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    Warranty is warranty when it ends it ends -- Things break, machines fail, its going to happen.

    Nothing is perfect .. Dealer may provide assistance with a discount but thats up to them.

    The car is 8 years old and has good mileage just because the older cars lasted doesn't mean everyone will.


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