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    Can’t see the pictures, but I can give you some insight since I bought my s5 cab not too long ago.

    My top was actually falling apart in the back the whole headliner was dropping. Carmax covered the top under warranty as part of the purchase.

    I was quoted $8,800 just like you saw from Audi, since they replace the entire top and components.

    Upholstery/convertible top repair shop fixed the entire shop with new glue for around $3,000.

    So it was not cheap but way more reasonable for the repair than replacement.

    Cameras on these cars are pretty bad and depends on the lighting conditions. My Camry had a way better camera than my Audi. Companies make aftermarket cameras that work well if you are worried about the quality.

    Rsnav is another solution that adds Bluetooth and other features.

    Any other questions shoot it my way.
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    Cameras are not the best I've always just used my mirrors to be honest. I have noticed in excessive rain camera function is limited or fails to come up. haven't had much issues with it recently tho.


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