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    2.5 Tdi Fuel consuption display error

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    Hello everyone! i Really need help!

    i Have a 2000 A6 C5 2.5 Tdi(with a swaped engine 1.9 Tdi ASV(it wasn't me who did the change, this is how i brought), and i have to know where does the instrument cluster gets the fuel consuption signal. As seen in the videos below my consuption is starts around 51~52L/100km the funy thing is, as i go faster, it shows less. and even if I stand still it shows this value. In VCDS the ECU shows normal values,for example, I tried that if I go with 60km/h the ECU shows 3L/h that is around 5L/100km which is normal. And the funy thing is, as i go faster, it shows less. when i brought the car, the display was bad, so i could not see what it shows, then i replaced it and this is what i've got.

    here is the 2 video of it:

    Every help is appreciated!
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