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    02 S6 upsize wheel size question

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    02 S6 with factory 255/40/17 size tires and about to make the switch to 255/40/18s. 255/40/18 is RS6 factory size. Anything I need to change on VCDS?

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    I ran that size on my S6 while I had it. Looked great and didn't have any issues. Speedo showed maybe 1-2 mph slow on the highway.

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    I run that size on my summer wheels...just because i already had the tires when I removed them from the RS6 wheels. Nothing you can do to the VCDS (as far as I know) but it gives about a 4% difference in circumference and it looks to be the case when I use Waze and it tells me I'm going 62-63 when my speedo says 60.

    It does fill out he wheel wells better though :D
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