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    Center LCD part number?

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    So this morning the center LCD display in our 2012 B8 Q5 went out. The issue isn't that it necessarily went out (however we lost trip computer, odometer, etc)

    The main issue is how blinding it is. If it is at all dark out or in the car, it's extremely distracting and makes it super hard to drive.

    Does Audi have a part number for the small rectangular center instrument cluster LCD? I've seen some for A4s, A5s and similar cars of the same generation/instrument cluster but would the work?

    Also, would Audi require a new instrument cluster as a whole unit and would the odometer reading be updated automatically on a used one?IMG_20181105_063724.jpeg

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    Thank you for reaching out and making us aware of this new issue with your Q5, we definitely want to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible especially with the brightness while you're driving. Have you consulted with the service department of your Audi dealership yet? They would be in the best position to assist and determine if you require an entirely new instrument cluster or if only certain parts require replacement. We do have our parts website available where you can search based on your VIN: Please let me know if you have any further follow up questions.
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