Hi everyone.

I am looking for some advice on an OBD reader / diagnostic tool to use with my 2006 A4 B7 2.0LTFSI Quattro but am not sure which way to go as there seems to be thousands of options, I have done some searches as well and still not sure.

Basically I would like to be able to read & clear codes, run test procedures and check firmware/software versions. The more it can do the better I guess but obviously the cost will go up along with the feature list so I just wanted to see what others are using?

One of the reasons I am looking at one is to check the firmware for my crappy Triptronic gearbox as it has had the notorious clunk coming down from 3rd to second come and go intermittently over the last 60,000kms and after numerous trips to the Audi service centre they have never sorted it. It has had the gearbox fluid flushed and the new stuff put in along with a firmware update as they believed that would fix it but I wouldn't trust them to have done the update. The car ran ok for a few months and then the issue returned and has come and gone intermittently again since so I just lived with it. Now it is banging going from 1st into 2nd and 3rd into 2nd so not good at all, I would like to check the firmware to see if it is the latest or not and may look at getting it updated if possible but I am feeling that the gearbox is shagged.