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Thread: B8.5 S4 Owners

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    B8.5 S4 Owners

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    Looking to get into a B8.5 S4 as my daily driver. Would love to meet/get a rid in a Stage 1 or Stage 2 to understand what I'm dealing with. Will be replacing a stock 2012 Mazdaspeed3, but per my car history below, have had some great cars, the latest being a 911 Turbo. I'm in the Santa Clara area, feel free to PM me a contact if you're up for it.
    Current Cars:
    2014 RS7: APR Stage 1, Milltek Non-Resonated Exhaust
    Past Cars:
    2012 Mazdaspeed3:
    2007 911 Turbo: Exhaust/Tune
    1997 Viper: Hennessey 500 Package - 440rwhp/460rwtq
    2000 Miata:
    1990 Miata: T28 Turbo
    1994 RX7: A-Spec 500R Single Turbo
    2000 S4: Stage 3

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    We replaced our MS3 with a B8.5 S4 about two years ago now when it was totaled. Love my B8.5 S4.
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    I have a stage 2 B8 S4. Not exactly what you're asking for but very similar. The catch is that I'm in the Sacramento area...

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