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    Offset and stud length

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    Just picked up used replica Audi wheels 18x8 5x112 ET35 for winter set. I have 8.5Jx19 ET43 on there know. My question is since my new rims are offset do I have to by new studs and how do I go about figuring that out . Thx

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    If your luck is anything like mine, you'll need new bolts. It's more of a question of wheel design rather than offset; bolt seat shape and the thickness of the wheel pad (where the wheel attaches to the hub) are the two critical features.

    The first big question is: are the wheel bolt seat shapes the same? Audi OEM wheels use spherical seats, but a lot of aftermarket wheels use conical seats. If you're not sure, look up the wheel manufacturer. If the seat style is different, you'll need new bolts with the correct seat style.

    The second question is: is the wheel pad thickness similar? To compare this, stick a bolt into each wheel and measure the length of the exposed bolt (the length of the bolt that would be threaded into the hub). If the exposed bolt length is very similar, the bolt length is correct for the new wheels. If the exposed bolt length is significantly shorter (or longer) on the new wheels, you'll need longer (or shorter) bolts; the new bolts should be longer (or shorter) such that the exposed bolt length would be the same. This comparison can be done even if the bolt seat is not correct.

    Hope this helps!


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