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    What to look for, perspective buyer

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    I found a 2013 A3 S-line six speed with 62k that I am very interested in buying from a larger used car dealer.

    I've had a b5 a4 with the 30v V6, and a BMW 528i so I'm fully aware of the costs of owning a German import.

    Are there any items I should look for or questions to ask before I commit? Thanks in advance!

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    Is it fwd or all? I see your out in Halifax. Try to find a mechanic that specializes in Audis-VW. Theres alot here in GTA. I have an 06 and love it especially tuned and 6 spd. I get 270hp on my fwd with stage 2 tune which is plenty of fun on stock KO3 turbo. I have the FSI engine. Theres plenty of forums on your TFSI engine to help you make your decision. Whats their asking price?

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    Hey Zol! Thanks for responding.

    It is a FWD with the 2.0 TFSI
    Asking price was ~18,000

    Things I looked for~

    Paint mismatching
    chipped glass, chipped paint, dents, missing trim
    Missing trim, or misaligned panels
    Any rust...anywhere.

    Missing/broken trim pieces
    Broken or worn out buttons
    leather cracked, or sagging
    carpet stains

    Are the calibers rusted
    Is the engine bay clean
    Misaligned headlights
    Rad supports cracked
    Cracked/broken supports for anything
    Does the engine tick/knock/grind/whir or make any alarming sounds you can hear from inside the car
    Engine mounts look good
    Wheel well inner fenders there, and in good shape
    Did they replace the brake pads
    Tread left on the tires, is the wear even
    Axle and Tierod boots in good shape
    The gas filler neck is firmly inplace

    Everything I mentioned above...this thing passed with flying colours. The only issues was some chips on the drivers door where it was opened into something, light scratches on the drivers rear quarter, and some scratches on the rear bumper where things were dragged out of the trunk.
    I did some searching online, and in these forums. TFSI engines have issues with carbon build up, which is something I'll need to address, which sucks, but the car seems worth it. After some haggling , I got them to go down to 16,500 (buy your cars at month end people, dealers want to meet monthly quotas!)

    There are probably more things I checked too, the dealership has an awesome used car program, they provided a clean carproof, 12 month walk away, the detailing team cleaned the car up super nice, the car looks almost new. Previous 1 owner car bought from new, and I'm pretty sure they babied the clutch, cause the clutch and shift linkage feels incredible. I've had the car for about 3 days now and I am absolutely thrilled.

    I got the car with a warranty, so I wont be tuning it quite yet. But I am definitely looking into getting a s, possible trying to fit a backup camera...really I just want bluetooth streaming. Oh and the damn voice commands lady is in french!


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    French's good, you'll love it :p

    I had to do a carbon cleanup a few months after buying mine with 103k km on the odo, not a cheap thing to do. I waited too long to get it done and now the first cat is on its way out, probably because of all the misfires it endured. So I guess keep an eye on those misfires!

    I also had the timing chain tensioner replace preventatively cause its a well known and documented weak link in this engine. There is now an extended warranty for it in the states though, might be coming to canada soon.

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    One additional good thing for you is that since it is a 2013 the engine is updated from the earlier cars that often encounter high oil consumption. I have a 2013 A5 quattro here in Ottawa, ON that I bought 2 years ago. I am very pleased with its performance over the last 20k KM or so, although recently the creaking and popping sounds from the front during parking maneuvers turned out to be cracked and broken bushings in lower control arms of the suspension. I was not impressed for a car still under 100k KM total mileage.

    The "French lady" should be able to be changed within your MMI interface on the dash.
    2013 A5 Premium Plus 2.0 TFSI 8-speed auto.
    2009 A3 quattro 2.0T DSG


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