just a heads up about AFR1485. Im new to this site. Made an account to look for a set of wheels for my car. Found his AG M310 wheels for sale. Messaged him and we made a deal. Came up with a price and they were sold to me, so he said. Figured out a location to meet and exchange and he said we would meet sunday. I paid my buddy some money to borrow his truck and drive down to get them. I text him on saturday asking if I could pick up that night instead of sunday. He replies back to me "sorry for the bad news but someone offered me more and he is picking them up now". So he sells them out from under me with out even telling me or at least asking if i would match or beat the other offer. Then tells me we never had a deal. Needless to say I'm a little agravated. Just wanted to warn future buyers about my experience, and save you the hassle and trouble of this stand up seller.