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    Bass hits hard when ignition shuts off

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    Hello all. So I recently installed a new sub setup in my B8 A4. I tapped into the non-B&O amp with a line out converter, wired up the amp and everything was good. I added a second subwoofer the next day. Turned up the gain a bit and bass boost. I took it for a spin and it sounded great but when I got home and parked in the driveway something weird happened. When I turned the ignition off, the bass just came on super loud so I started the car up immediately and disconnected the subs. So now, every time I have to pop the trunk and disconnect the subs, before I turn the car off. Any ideas? Does this have to do with the GALA(auto volume) setting on the stereo.

    Thanks for any help.

    Note: My brother had this problem on his new Accord due to the automatic volume feature. He had to carefully disconnect the microphone in the headliner. Im hoping I dont have to do something like this.

    tldr:super loud bass from my subs when car ignition off

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    If there's a remote turn-on feed to the amp you can just tap into that with a switch. Turn off the amp manually with the switch before shutting off the ignition and you eliminate the problem.


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