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    Wheels damaged in shipping, any suggestions?

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    I recently found what I thought was a good deal on some OEM rotor wheels on eBay and pulled the trigger. The wheels were listed with “free shipping” included in the purchase price.

    The wheels arrived yesterday, and when I opened the boxes found that there was almost no packing materials inside the boxes to protect the wheels (short of a couple rags). Of course, every one of the wheels has at least one dent/divot that clearly aligns with a similar puncture in the box, so it clearly happened during shipping and due to lack of foam/bubble wrap.

    I know my purchase is protected in a couple different ways, but the catch is that I want to keep the wheels. The purchase was a good deal, and I don’t see these wheels come up very often... but, they are definitely not in the same condition that they were listed in, and if I went to resell in the future would not have the same resale value.

    Anyone have experience with this and have any suggestions for the best way to proceed in getting some sort of compensation for the damage? I contacted the seller and he told me to contact eBay or UPS and placed the blame on UPS who he claims packaged the wheels (doubtful). At the end of the day, I don’t want to have ship the wheels back at my expense and get a refund for the purchase price.

    They were purchased on eBay, paid via PayPal, and shipped via UPS. Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance


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