Hey Guys,

Im new to the audi life, having recently gotten a 2008 Audi A3 3.s S Line. Ive previously had a Volvo S60R, but thats it.

It looks like it should be a tank in the winter here in Vermont and I'm just excatic about the interior and the audi body quality.

It has 101k miles and seems to have been brought in to the Audi deanship for all its scheduled maintenance up until this point.

What are some things I should keep an eye on right now?

I want to give the A3 a bit more aggressive of a look, whats your guys opinion of wheel spacers? Ive never used them before, but feel like that would help make it look wider, nothing crazy just to be about even with the fenders.

I just got it from a dealership, but should I maybe bring it somewhere right off the bat to give it another check over?

Thanks guys,

Not a huge car person or huge audi guy before this, but trying to learn and all my buddies are car nerds so trying to learn to speak their language ;)