No More Plastic

The 2.0t TSI engine found in many VW and Audi has been know to have a few issues. This part has been updated many times, but never in this fashion.

The 2.0t TSI engine can have oil leak issues coming from the cam cradle (valve cover) area. This oil can run down the front of the engine block on to the water pump housing. After some time this oil will compromise the plastic of the water pump, causing a coolant leak. This aluminum water pump housing will not have the same concerns of oil damaging the housing of the water pump. Prevent any future water pump failures with this aluminum water pump for your 2.0t TSI engine.

Included with this Kit
  • Graf Aluminum Housing and Metal Impeller Water Pump for 2.0t TSI
  • OEM Water Pump Drive Belt
  • OEM Water Pump to Oil Cooler Union
  • OEM Bolt for Mounting Intermediate Shaft Drive Pulley
  • Vaico 1.5L G13 Coolant