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    2.7t 6 speed swap, bolts for flywheel to engine

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    Hey guys,

    Im doing a 6 speed swap to a 2005 allroad and I'm having trouble attaching the flywheel to the engine. It appears that the bolt is to short but it measures out to be 43mm, which is the same length of the flywheel bolts on ECS. Are there different flywheel bolt lengths out there or am I missing something?


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    Hi, can't answer your question but I'm curious to know. What o1e transmission you are swapping in because I am going to do this swap as well into my 04 allroad and am now in a quandary about what are possibly better options in terms of gear ratios for this car. Another question I had was if your swapping harnesses or remapping your tcu/ecu and the pros and cons of that?

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    From what points are you measuring your bolts?
    How are ecs’s studs measured? May make a difference.

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