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    Wheel Straightening w/Insurance / Righgt To Know Where? Need Advice

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    Recently had a bent wheel diagnosed at Jack Daniels USR in NJ, they say they the wheel was sent "out to corporate" (?) and repaired under my wheel & tire insurance. The complaint of a thumping tire noise was diagnosed as a bent rim in the R/F. When I got the car back, for the second time, the noise was still there and the wheel and the car was still filthy dirty (I have photos), now they are blaming the tire and saying that the insurance company, IAS, is refusing to pay for the tire. Also, they attached a letter saying that I need to prove that I replaced that tire or they will not allow ANY more claims to be submitted, didn't know they could legally do that! So after taking the wheel off myself (I am a mechanic) and not seeing any type of repair or even a rebalancing or any marks whatsoever, I decided to bring it to another Audi dealer. The dealer put it on a lift and showed me that It looked like nothing had been done to that wheel! The tire was bad and I don't mind paying for it but they also found that the other 3 wheels were bent, two of them badly, which Jack Daniels never even mentioned. My question is whether I have the right to see an invoice or repair order for the supposed repair of the wheel? From what I am told there would be some kind of mark/s visual proof of rebalancing and probably a cleaning of the wheel that would show that it was worked on, there was NONE. They also said that the car was not washed due to the repair even there was NO repainting at all! Do I also haven the right to see the invoice that the dealership sent to the insurance company? How they can send out a customer (for the second time!), my wife, with a front tire that has a loud thumping noise that sounds like it's ready to blow out, who has tire insurance and is a good customer since 2006, is beyond me. I sure that they wanted the tire and wheel balancing sale and did not take our side with the insurance company for that reason. This tire was thumping due to a pothole hit and should have been replaced, period. Not good!

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    FYI I just had some wheels straightened at my house in S NJ by Alloy Wheel Specialties (many dealers use them)

    - The straightening machine from what I saw is a hydraulic press that rides along the inside edge of the rim. I does not leave any marks.
    - They did remove weights but only ones that were on the inside edge. Ones on the outer were left
    - AFS does not do rebalancing however I would expect the dealer to balance as required


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