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    Does anyone have data on using upgraded/additional heat exchangers?

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    I always see people talking about using heat exchanger upgrades etc

    As I understand it the supercharger intercooler and everything all uses the same coolant.

    If I check my coolant it is always over 70*C

    The engine will decrease performance if IAT over 70*C

    How on earth could this coolant lower IAT

    Also when I drive hard or not hard, my coolant temp is basically always the same... Within 1-3*C

    I want to see someones data on IAT, Coolant Temps pre and post heat exchanger.

    Does this upgrade even do anything?

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    Cant tell if you're serious, but if you are there is a ton of data that's easily searchable.

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    Wow there is a lot of data and discussion about this. Please search and literally 1000s of posts will show up.

    And yes upgrading your front HX does wonders. It doesn’t eliminate the heat issue entirely but there are other ways of increasing your ability to cool you IAT... Chiller Killer, completely divorcing the super charger cooling circuit, injecting methanol at the TB, etc.

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    Your engine coolant temp is not the same as the sc coolant temp even when not divorced. There is very little mixing

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